About the artist

Greta Martyniuk is a Polish contemporary painter whose works are characterised by their unsettling and surreal imagery depicting the dehumanising aspect of the recovery process. Martyniuk’s interest in Old Master landscape paintings can be clearly seen in her older works and the influence continues to shine through in her most recent pieces. Working in watercolour, ink and oil; she produces works which show figures in distressing situations, surrounded by strange settings to awaken the curiosity of the viewer. She creates the paintings as she goes, producing spontaneous compositions which explore the relationship between the medical, the body and the mind. Martyniuk’s recent works explore the effect of trauma on one’s mental and physical well-being. On one hand the artist has a deeply personal approach to the works she produces, on the other hand, she continues to distance herself from the narrative. Her works challenge the viewers perception of the recovery process and the world we live in.


Contact e-mail: gretaaa98@hotmail.co.uk